Building Pro Impressed with Salem Sprinkler System

A Salem construction manager was starting to think his system of buying hoses and using them until they were completely worn out was not the best way to go about things. He was untangling a hose for the nineteenth time until he got fed up and dropped all of it to called Cochran Landscape to find out how much the most efficient sprinkler system Salem had seen would cost. Cochran Landscape is the sprinkler system specialists. Our irrigation specialists are highly qualified and trained to install, repair, and maintain all sprinkler systems, and we can custom design a sprinkler system to meet the needs of each homeowner. We went over several sprinkler systems with the construction manager, then designed one that would work for his property. He liked the price that we quoted him, and asked us to start on the project immediately because he was tired of wasting money on hoses.

Our sprinkler specialists arrived at the Salem home, and started installing the sprinklers. Our team worked continuously until the system was successfully installed, and then we turned it on to make sure it was done successfully. We called the customer to let him know that the project was completed, and asked him to let us know if he had any problems.We assured All of our work is backed with a warranty. The customer was very satisfied with the price and level of service, and did not regret purchasing his new Salem sprinkler system with Cochran Landscape.