In Need Of a Landscaper in Liberty, SC?

We fully understand and appreciate a strong sense of community. With this strong sense of community comes trust that is developed and earned overtime, which is what the ideal landscaper Liberty residents needs to be able to provide. We will work hard to gain your trust and loyalty through our exceptional landscaping services. We can deliver your exact vision to create the ideal outdoor space for your lifestyle. We are here to provide you with the best experience possible!

Top landscaping services offered:

  • Landscaping-  Bring your outdoor space to life with our creative landscaping
  • Irrigation Systems- No one like a brown lawn.  Our sprinkler systems can give you the beautiful lush green lwn you have always wanted.
  • Lawn Maintenance- Let Cochran give your home that perfectly manicured look.
  • Outdoor fountains
  • Water Features
  • Pond Waterfalls
  • Sprinkler Systems
  • Paver Patios
  • Retaining Walls
  • Landscape Lighting
  • Outdoor Lighting


Liberty, South Carolina

Located in Pickens County, Liberty, South Carolina is home to over 3,000 people with a median household income of $31,055. This is a town full of delicious restaurants, with very unique and local boutiques to shop in.

Freedom Park attracts many visitors from surrounding areas who bring their families to enjoy the outdoors through playground play and picnics. The Rosewood Center is the community center where activities such as receptions, birthday parties, reunions take place.Liberty Idol SC

The town is also known for its karaoke style singing competition called Liberty Idol, based on the television show American Idol. The competition began in 2006 and lasted a total of six seasons.  The film The Midnight Man starring Cameron Mitchell was filmed here in the 1970s.  Also filmed in the town was the major motion picture Chill Factor starring Cuba Gooding Jr. and Skeet Ulrich.

Liberty is a part of the School District of Pickens County and includes two elementary schools, one middle school, and one high school.

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Unruly Kids Reigned In With Retaining Wall in Liberty

The parents of a family of four had gotten complaints from their neighbors about their children playing in the yards. The parents agreed that it was their responsibility to make sure their children stayed out of their neighbor’s landscaping and decided to call Cochran Landscape for a Liberty retaining wall. They figured it would be an attractive way to enhance their property while clearly showing their kids where they were allowed to play, and they were right.

The professional landscape designer with Cochran Landscape arrived at the Liberty home to meet the parents and to see their outdoor space. The parents showed the designer where they wanted to have the retaining wall, and the designer let them know that we use a variety of textures and shapes to create a unique retaining wall that would enhance their landscaping. It would also keep their children on their own property. The parents selected the stones for the wall and our crew returned on Monday morning to install the retaining wall. Before the week’s end the retaining wall was installed and was exactly what the customers was wanting and needing. The customers said that it looked beautiful. They showed their children where they could play and with the wall up they couldn’t go past that point. The parents believe this was the best way to keep their kids in their own yard while providing curb appeal to their home. The couple said that they were very happy with Cochran Landscape’s service and they have the best retaining wall Liberty neighbors would appreciate.

Outdoor Fountain in Liberty for Success and Celebration

A lady came to see Cochran Landscape recently to inquire about an outdoor fountain. The lady was a Liberty realtor who had sold a house and wanted to celebrate her big sell by improving her own yard. She came to Cochran Landscape for a Liberty outdoor fountain that would shine and sparkle throughout the year. The Cochran Landscape team discussed several different options for outdoor fountain designs. The realtor was prepared when she came to see us as she had already measured the space at her home where she wanted to have the fountain, which made our job a bit easier.

The Cochran Landscape team showed her a variety of outdoor fountains that would fit in her space and set it off at the same time. The real estate agent picked out the one that she liked the most and our crew delivered and set it up the following day. The crew was able to have the fountain ready for her when she arrived home from a hectic day of showing houses. She pulled into her driveway and immediately noticed the fountain. When she walked over to look at it she said it was exactly what she was looking for. The real estate agent said that not only does the fountain sparkle and stand out, but it would definitely be increase the value of her home, which of course was important to her as she was a real estate agent. She said that she would be telling her homeowners to come to Cochran Landscape for outdoor fountains Liberty home buyers would appreciate.

Landscaping in Liberty is a Spooky Success

A Liberty collector bough a whole bunch of garden gnomes. He had been saving them and wanted to set them up in a spooky design for Halloween. He called Cochran Landscape to see if we could help him with some of the details of his Liberty landscape project. We let him know that we could do that for him, so we scheduled our team to meet the collector at his Liberty home. The Cochran Landscape team arrived at the home as scheduled. We offered several different landscaping designs that would make the yard look attractive while bringing the gnomes and the Halloween theme in the design as well. The homeowner said that it sounded great and to go ahead and start.

The Cochran Landscape designing team went to work. We added a fall décor along with the Halloween theme. When we were done we had the collector’s prized garden gnomes featured in his landscaping design. The setup was well received by his neighbors, who complimented him on the clean look of the design as well as its humor and seasonal appeal. The customer told his neighbors that he could never have achieved such a great design on his own, and that is why he called Cochran Landscape to help him have the best landscape Liberty homeowners would appreciate. Some of the customer’s neighbors were so impressed with what we provided that they have contacted us, so we could provide them with a landscape design for their home too.

Outdoor Lighting in Liberty Extends Quality Patio Time

Recently, Cochran Landscape was contacted by a woman in Liberty. The Liberty woman had made it a summer project of enjoying her patio, and had not noticed how the time had gone by. She enjoyed the warm summer afternoons and evening on her patio just enjoying a nice glass of lemonade and watching nature in her backyard. She didn’t realize that the equinox happened recently, and hadn’t given much thought to the days getting shorter. To keep enjoying her patio she decided to call Cochran Landscape for Liberty outdoor lighting that would allow her to fully enjoy her outdoor living space.

Cochran Landscape scheduled an appointment to meet with the customer at her home, so we could go over her outdoor space. It is always best to see the property, so we can determine the best outdoor lighting that would provide results for the patio. We looked over the space and offered the customer several lighting options, and she selected solar paneled powered lighting so she wouldn’t have to worry about her energy costs going up for her lighting. The Cochran Landscape lighting team arrived at the home the following morning and installed the outdoor lighting Liberty homeowners always trust. The customer anxiously awaited for the sun to go down that evening, so she could see how her lighting would be, and was thrilled with the results. Her patio had the perfect amount of lighting for nighttime enjoyment. She didn’t want it to be too bright, but enough to provide a warm and inviting ambience.

Koi are at Home with Pond Waterfall Liberty Loves!

Recently, a woman in Liberty contacted Cochran Landscape to see if we could help her out with a pond in her yard. The woman explained that she kept a small koi tank for her fish, but the fish are getting too large for the tank, and she needed something bigger. She started thinking about purchasing a larger tank, but a larger tank would only solve her problem temporarily because the fish will only keep growing. She contacted Cochran Landscape to see if we could possibly install a pond with a pond waterfall Liberty homeowners would be wowed by. The woman had to have a professional pond installed, and she figured that if the pond had a waterfall in it, then her neighbors would approve of the pond and she would never have to worry about getting rid of her beloved fish.

Cochran Landscape let the woman know that we could indeed install a pond with a pond waterfall for her, and not only would her neighbors love the pond and pond waterfall, but they would be envious of her too. Cochran Landscape met at the home, and she showed us where she wanted the pond, and the size that she wanted as well. We went over different options, and when all the details were decided upon we scheduled the installation. It only took Cochran Landscape a few days to have the pond installed, and once it was finished the lady was highly impressed. She said that Cochran Landscape did a great job!

Liberty Customer Buys New Paver Patio

Cochran Landscape is known for providing beautiful and functional paver patios for Liberty residents. One of our recent customers in Liberty was a postal service worker. The postal service worker contacted Cochran Landscape for the best patio paver Liberty had to offer. The postman told us that he is known for his big annual Fourth of July barbecues. He has one every year, and nearly all of his neighbors and coworkers come to his Fourth of July barbecue because it’s so much fun. The only problem that the postal service worker was having was that his backyard was getting destroyed. We told him what he already knew, that if he had a paver patio his guests could enjoy the barbecue safely and comfortably without making a mess of his yard.

The Cochran Landscape team arrived at the home and took down the measurements that the postal worker wanted for his paver patio, then we suggested adding a color to the pavers for that added personal touch. We scheduled the installation for Wednesday. The team arrived and by the end of the day the paver patio was in place and ready for the big Fourth of July event.

We heard from the customer on July 8th, a few days after his barbecue. The customer let us know that he was lucky to have done business with Cochran Landscaping, and his guests loved the new paver patio. He is very happy with the outcome of his event, but even happier with a new paver patio Liberty and the surrounding area of his neighbors could enjoy.