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Known as one of the best services for families and one of the most affordable companies to work with, the landscaper Simpsonville residents can admire is Cochran Landscape.  Our ability to stay within every customer’s personal landscaping budget has made us extremely easy to work with.

We work to supply you with the highest quality services possible while remaining affordable. With a variety of materials, we are sure to find the perfect fit for you and your landscaping needs. We are able to complete any landscaping project you desire including:

  • edgings, landscape lighting, and irrigation systems.
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We look forward to working with you to achieve your ideal outdoor space!  Call us today and feel what it’s like to work with the most professional Landscaper around.

Landscaping Services Provided

  • Retaining Walls
  • Water Features
  • Outdoor Fountains
  • Outdoor Lighting
  • Paver Patios
  • Irrigation Systems
  • Sprinkler systems

Simpsonville, SC

Named one of the “10 Best Towns for Families” in 2010 by Family Circle Magazine, and one of the “25 Best Affordable Cities” in 2011 by Money Magazine. This town in South Carolina provides a caring community atmosphere with 17,000 residents. The median income per household is $47,223.

Simpsonville is part of the “Golden Strip,” along with Mauldin and Fountain Inn, which is noted for having rather low unemployment because of the diversity of industries including Para-Chem, Kemet, and Milliken.

Simpsonville SC Heritage Park

The city also has various historical attractions to visit, including the Music Dormitory, the Elementary School, the Potato House, the Chapel, and the Simpsonville Municipal Cemetery. The city is also a desirable place for middle class families, as the city’s crime rate is drastically lower than major U.S. Cities.

The city is also home to various notable people, including NASCAR driver Shane Hall; Travelle Wharton, offensive tackle for the Carolina Panthers; and Lucas Glover, PGA Tour golfer and winner of the 2009 U.S. Open Golf Championship.

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Simpsonville Paver Patio Breathes New Life Into Yard

A flight attendant based in Simpsonville wanted to be able to enjoy the outdoors more since he was always cooped up in a plane at work. He researched several options, but he decided to get a paver patio in Simpsonville for his home so that he could fulfill this desire and increase his property value. At first, he didn’t know who to contact. He went back to do some simple research on the best Simpsonville paver patio provider, and over and over Cochran Landscape came up, so he contacted us.

The Cochran Landscape professionals met with the customer, and he showed us the space where he wanted the paver patio installed. We showed the customer a variety of shapes, textures, and colors that he could select. The customer chose the type that he wanted and told us we could start anytime, because he was heading out the next morning for a flight across the country. The team arrived the next day and started the paver project. We were able to get it done a day ahead of schedule. The customer returned home and was very happy to see his patio was finished. He grabbed a glass of wine and relaxed enjoying the outdoor air. He said that Cochran Landscape did an outstanding job and was definitely the company to contact in Simpsonville for a quality paver patio. He is now looking forward to coming home from long flights and sitting under the stars on his beautiful patio provided by Cochran Landscape.

Landscaping Upgrades Add Curb Appeal in Simpsonville, SC

Cochran Landscape Management, Inc. was scheduled in Simpsonville, SC for a landscaping project. (Click the link to learn more about our Simpsonville Landscaping services) The customer contacted us to upgrade the landscaping at their residence. Our design team met with the customer, to create a design plan. Our team’s plan included adding beautiful and colorful plants and flowers, pavers, and other exciting elements to bring life to the landscaping. The team arrived promptly as scheduled, then immediately went to work clearing the area where the new plants and flowers were to be placed, then we added the plants. Once all the plants and flowers were successfully planted, we added pavers of different sizes from the front of the residence to the back patio. The pavers added a safe and attractive way to enter and exit the backyard along with bring uniqueness and beauty.

When the landscaping project was completed, we asked the customer to look over our work. She said the landscaping looked great! The customer loved the way the pavers added depth and direction to the home and landscaping. Our team gave her some added pointers on keeping her plants and flowers thriving and beautiful. We also let her know that if they had any problem to contact Cochran Landscape Management, because we stand behind all of our work. We could tell she was pleased with our work, and we know that we have just added another customer that we look forward to serving in the future. Cochran Landscape Management is the landscaping company that Simpsonville can depend on.

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Landscape Lighting and Shrub Additions Brighten Simpsonville, SC Property

We were called out to give landscaping service to a customer in Simpsonville, SC. Our customer learned about Cochran Landscape after finding us on Google, and called us out to give them an estimate on some landscaping that they wanted done at their home. (Click the link to read more about you favorite Simpsonville Landscaper) Our landscaping design team arrived promptly on time and went over the ideas that the customer had for their landscaping.

The customer wanted to have their shrubs trimmed, as they hadn’t been maintained in several years, and were looking shabby. She also wanted us to add stones and small pavers around the shrubs, so the shrubs would be more of a focal point to the front of the home. She wanted to add flowers that would return each year, along with some beautiful plants that could easily be taken care of. We recommended a few landscape lighting around the shrubs, because there wasn’t any lighting in this area, which would provide safety and nighttime curb appeal. Our landscaping design team could definitely make the customer’s vision come to life, and informed that we could return the following day to being the landscaping project.

The Cochran Landscape Management crew arrived on time and immediately went to work trimming the shrubs, then we added the flowers and plants, as requested. After all of the plants and flowers were in place, we added small pavers, which highlighted the area. The landscape lighting was going to be solar panel LED lights, which we installed around the shrubs and bushes. The team successfully finished the landscaping project. The customer called the office the following day to let us know that we did an outstanding job. They said they loved the lighting, plants, and the flowers were beautiful!

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Leaky Irrigation System Solved In Simpsonville By Cochran

There is nothing worse than having a leaky irrigation system. Cochran Landscaping was called out to give emergency service for a customer in Simpsonville. The customer didn’t know how long the sprinkler system had been leaking, but it must have been for a while, because their backyard was flooded. The customer was frantic, but got on their smart phone and did a search. Lucky for him, our company appeared and they gave us a call right away. It’s a good thing he called us when he did, because this is a serious problem; but our team can handle it. The Cochran Landscaping irrigation repair specialists arrived quickly and started to hunt down the leak. The specialists found the leak was caused from a broken pipe. They repaired it immediately, then let the customer know that the problem was fixed. The irrigation specialists talked with the customer for a bit, and the customer told us that we were the only company that offered emergency repairs. I gave them their bill and let them know all work was under warranty. The customer said, “I’m surprised that the bill isn’t more. I figured because you came out so quick that I would have to pay a bigger price. I can’t thank you enough for repairing it so fast. Thank you for doing a great job.”

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Simpsonville Retaining Wall Adds Great Curb Appeal

Cochran Landscaping was scheduled in Simpsonville to install a retaining wall for a homeowner. The homeowner wanted to add curb appeal to increase the value of his home. The Cochran Landscaping designer met with the homeowner to go over where he wanted the retaining wall to go, and the type of wall that he wanted. The homeowner wanted straight lines and light stones. We measured the area, then estimated the amount of stones, and gave the customer the bid, which he agreed to. The customer scheduled our team out for Saturday morning, and we arrived on time. The crew went to work to get the retaining wall installed. The crew had the job completed by late afternoon. The homeowner was unavailable to thoroughly check over the work completed, so we left him a card to let him know we would be contacting him by phone to get his opinion. On Monday morning, the office gave the homeowner a call and asked him how he liked the work that was done. The homeowner said the wall looked great and made such an impact on his yard. He said the focal point is drawn to the wall, and he was impressed with the work that our team had done.

Cochran Landscaping would like to thank you for choosing our company for your retaining wall installation. We have been providing Simpsonville with outstanding landscaping services for many years. We understand that you are wanting to increase the curb appeal, and one way to do that is by taking advantage of our many services, which include; lawn care, irrigation systems, water fountains, and maintenance. Give us a call, and let us add beauty to your landscaping.

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Simpsonville Water Fountain Adds Beauty With Soothing Appeal

I was looking to have a water fountain installed outside our home. I had always wanted one, but didn’t think I could ever afford one. I got on the internet and started doing a search and I came across two landscaping companies in Simpsonville. I called the first company I saw, and they gave me no options in water fountains, but only what they carried in stock. Not to mention the price was so high, that I knew I couldn’t afford it. I called the second company I randomly chose, even thought I thought they would probably be too high, as well. The second company was Cochran Landscaping. I called for an estimate anyway. The designer and the installer came together and showed me different water fountains in different materials. The price varied, but there were several options that I could possibly afford. Then I showed them where I would like the fountain, and the installer gave me a price with the fountain of my choice. I couldn’t believe that it was within my price range, so I scheduled them to do the installation.

Two weeks later the team arrived at 8:30 a.m., as scheduled. I let them know that I had to go to work, but my son would be available. I returned home at five, and I was surprised that the installation was complete. It was beautiful, soothing, and exactly what I wanted! I highly recommend this company.

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Solar Panel Lighting Brighten Backyard in Simpsonville

My husband wanted to install landscape lighting around our patio and walkways. I begged him to call a professional, but he insisted on doing the job himself. He went out and purchased lights, then for two weekends in a row, he worked on the lighting. He apparently didn’t do it right. After spending hundreds of dollars, he finally agreed that I call a professional, so I went on my iPad and did a search on Angie’s List. I found Cochran Landscaping and went over the reviews from their past and present customers, and they were outstanding. I called them, and scheduled an appointment, so they could give us a bid. The design team arrived on time, and we showed them exactly what we wanted. The design team showed us the benefits of the different lighting they offered, along with the disadvantages. We decided to go with solar panel powered lighting, then LED lighting, where the sun didn’t shine much. The Cochran Landscaping lighting installers arrived on Saturday to start installing our lighting. By the end of the afternoon all the lights were up. The crew cleaned up, and let us know that we would receive a courtesy call next week. On Monday, the office called to see how we liked the lighting that was installed, and we said they were absolutely wonderful. They came on exactly when dusk hit, then automatically shut off when the sun rose. I told them I wished my husband would have called them before wasting time and money trying to do it himself. The whole team did an excellent job!
I returned online to leave Cochran Landscaping feedback. I like to let others know when a company provides excellent service. This is what I wrote, “Cochran Landscaping provided us with excellent lighting services. They answer all questions, very knowledgeable and professional, and the price was very affordable. Each employee knew exactly what they were doing. I highly recommend this company.”

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New Hardscape Design For Patio in Simpsonville

I contacted Cochran Landscaping to give me an estimate on hardscaping. I went on the internet and did a search, and Yelp had excellent reviews for two landscaping companies, so I gave one a call. The Cochran Landscaping specialists arrived at my home to go over what I wanted done. I showed them that I wanted a brick hardscaping added from my patio to my garden area, but I wanted it done with bricks and wood. I made a design and showed the specialists, then they approved. They measured the area and gave me a price that I couldn’t refuse. The installers arrived on time, which was a great start, then started working on the ground to get it ready for the stones. The crew worked all day, then came back the following morning to wrap up the job. By the time that I had returned home from doing errands, my stones were in place, and my hardscaping was beautiful. I couldn’t find a flaw in the work that was performed. I started taking pictures with my phone, so I could send out to my friends. Everyone kept asking me who did the work, and I happily said Cochran Landscaping. I have been praising their work and prices ever since.

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Simpsonville Retaining Wall Installed in Backyard

We had a call from a customer, Megan Karpe, from Simpsonville, South Carolina. Megan was looking to extend the usable space in her patio by building a retaining wall.  The problem that she was experiencing was that she felt crammed on her current patio, and her backyard needed a warmer feel. The backyard goes downhill, which makes it difficult to use.  She was able to find out about Cochran Landscaping after we sent out a direct mail piece. She contacted us and we came out and made a plan to install a retaining wall, so the ground could be level near the concrete by the patio. This is a great solution because the drop-off creates more visual appeal. Megan said we did an awesome job and really solved her problem while creating a functional outdoor space. Check out the photos below to see our work!

Our experienced team not only does landscaping, but irrigation and repair, and lawn maintenance as well! To learn more about the services that your landscaping leaders provide, click here!

Simpsonville Retaining Wall Simpsonville Retaining Wall Simpsonville Retaining Wall


Dry Creek Bed Installation in Simpsonville

Working with Long-time Customers

We feel a sense of joy when we get the opportunity to work with long time clients. This assures us that the work we do is not only satisfactory to us, but also our customers, which is what is most important. In Simpsonville, we were happy to hear from one of our existing and returning customers to give them exactly what they need.

Simpsonville, SC post 10-8Simpsonville SC post pic 2 10-8

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Simpsonville Dry Creek Bed Installation

For this particular customer, we installed a dry creek bed in order to prevent drainage and washing out of the bed edge. When the project was completed, they had great things to say about our services:

“Cochran Landscape provides an awesome service. They are timely, professional, and extremely knowledgeable about  the work they do. Since the installation of my dry bed we’ve had over two inches of rain. The thing works great…even better than I expected. I would highly recommend them.”