Easley Paver Patio is Finishing Touch on Outdoor Space

Recently, Cochran Landscaping was contacted by an Easley attorney. The attorney was wanting to set up a nice outdoor space for grilling and dining after he just bought a fancy new grill. He called us and our crew provided him designs for an Easley paver patio set up for his space. The lawyer was impressed with our designs and selected the type of design that he wanted for his outdoor space and our crew was scheduled to start the following day, because the attorney was planning on a big get together on Saturday and wanted the patio to be finished before then.

The Cochran Landscaping crew started getting the area ready for the paver patio. The crew made sure that the pavers would be laid precisely, so the patio would be level and even. A day later the pavers were in place and the patio was completed. The office called the customer to let him know that his patio was done and he could start using it immediately. When the customer returned home he was taken back on how wonderful his patio looked, but there was one problem. He had to purchase new patio furniture, because he said with the new pavers his old furniture just didn’t look as good. He didn’t mind, because he was thrilled that he had a patio that he had always wanted. The customer had his get together on Saturday and everyone complimented him on his paver patio. He let everyone know that Cochran Landscaping provided him with paver patio Easley professionals appreciated.