Greenville Irrigation System Repair Unclogs Sprinkler

The Cochran Landscaping irrigation repair technicians were scheduled to repair an irrigation system for a homeowner in Greenville. The customer called us because the sprinkler system was over-spraying. The sidewalk was becoming soaked with water and the customer was worried that there was a major problem. The technicians arrived as soon as the call was made. The repair technicians immediately started looking at the water and the sprinkler system where the water was over spraying. They noticed there was a clog on one side of the sprinkler and there was a major leak. It’s a good thing the customer called us out when he did, because this problem needed attention immediately. The repair technicians shut the water off to the system, then repaired the leak, then unclogged the sprinkler. The technicians made sure that the rest of the system was in good working order, then turned the water back on. We let him know that his sprinkler system was repaired, and we showed him what the problem was. He was very pleased with our fast service and said he would call us next time.

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