Greenville Landscape Lighting for Enhanced Garden Security

A Greenville man loved growing his own herbs in some potted plants by windows. He started growing his own herbs because he was learning how to cook extravagant meals, and each recipe called for fresh herbs. He would return to his potted plants each morning after sleeping only to find his plants had been eaten by rodent pests. He didn’t want to use any pesticides to keep the pests away, so he contacted Cochran Landscape for landscape lighting Greenville gardeners could count for reliable functioning, and he also could now keep a watchful eye on his prized plants.

The Cochran Landscape lighting designers met with the customer at his home so we could see what type of lighting would benefit his plants. We went over several options, then the customer selected his lighting. Our lighting experts returned the following morning to install the lighting, and within no time at all the project was completed. We told the homeowner that if he continued to have problems with pests to just contact us, and we could assist him with other gardening ideas. Cochran Landscaping heard from the customer at the end of the week, but not to ask for assistance. He wanted to tell us that he has had no problem at all with any pests, and his herbs are growing successfully now thanks to the Greenville landscape lighting we had provided for him. The customer said that he plans on having us back in a few months, because he is planning on expanding his garden and would appreciate our expert advice.