Greer Landscape Service Revitalizes Curb Appeal

A new homeowner had replaced some unattractive spaces on her front yard with spacers where plants and flowers could be placed, but the homeowner realized that he was much better at construction and demolition than having a green thumb, because the plants and flowers quickly died. He asked a few of his neighbors who he should call for Greer landscape services and they all said Cochran Landscape. The homeowner called us and was pleased with what we could offer and, of course the end result.

The Cochran Landscape team arrived at the Greer residence and the homeowner showed us his current landscaping. He said he wanted to make the landscaping attractive, but also easy to manage. We gave the homeowner a variety of options with plants, flowers, and outdoor lighting that would be an added curb appeal to his new home purchase. The customer selected what he wanted done, then scheduled our team to return first thing the following morning, which they did. The crew went to work beautifying the landscaping by adding colorful plants and flowers, then we added outdoor lighting around a few of the plants and the walkway. The homeowner watched in delight, then we our team was finished the customer said it looked outstanding. We let the homeowner know that we could keep his landscaping beautiful year round with just a little maintenance and he happily agreed. The customer said he is really impressed with the landscape Greer homeowners would be proud of, thanks to Cochran Landscape.