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Cochran Landscaping Management, Inc has a friendly and experienced staff of professional landscapers who can install custom irrigation systems Salem resident’s can appreciate.  We also service any of the irrigation systems Salem has.

One of our promises, is to communicate with you throughout any installation or service projects.  We have found that a basic concept of consistent communication between our staff and our clients almost always results in an excellent result.  Whatever your Salem landscape needs are, we will custom design an irrigation system within your budget that ensures your lawn will be beautiful. Irrigation Systems Salem, SC

Need irrigation systems Salem residents? Keep reading or pick up the phone and call us so we can talk about your needs.  If you are interested in other landscaping services, such as regular lawn maintenance, or landscaping construction click here.

Quality Irrigation Systems Salem, SC – Sprinkler Systems

Good looking landscapes need to be watered.  If you’ve invested in your property protect that investment with an automated sprinkler system.  Automated sprinkler systems are probably the most important tool for maintaining a beautiful yard.

“Sprinkler System”

Most people tend to focus on the word “Sprinkler“, but it’s the “System” that is most important.  Having a system makes sure you can efficiently keep your lawn healthy.  A system help make your water use more efficient, which helps make your spending more efficient!

Whatever your constraints are, we can design a sprinkler system that fits your needs.  The advancement of technology and automation have actually made sprinkler systems more widely available.

Give us a call and talk with one of our extremely friendly experts about what you are looking for, we are happy to help!

Over the years the sheer number of sprinkler and irrigation components has exploded.  To give you an idea of what is out there, click this link to the Home Depot’s Irrigation Buyer’s Guide.