Irrigation Systems

Irrigation systems, Sprinkler SystemsAn automatic irrigation system is an essential element of any landscape.  Having a properly installed irrigation system helps insure the overall health and vitality of your lawn and landscape materials.  Beginning with the initial layout and design concept to the final implementation of a completed watering system.  Cochran Landscape Management, Inc will walk you through the entire process and guarantee a successful outcome.

Irrigation System Maintenance

Lawn irrigation system design and management has become an increasingly important aspect of landscape design and care.  At Cochran Landscaping, we have irrigation specialists who are training in the installation, maintenance, and repairs of custom irrigation systems.  We provide quick, quality assessments of your lawn irrigation system to ensure the site is reliably and accurately irrigated.


Irrigation System Design

When it comes to your irrigation system, we work thoroughly to create the best design for you and your yard space.  We understand that a sprinkler system is a long term home investment. Watering systems require both water flow and water pressure to operate correctly.  By using the correct materials such as sizes of pipes and valves, and by implementing our expert knowledge regarding zoning and piping routes, we will design a system that is sure to satisfy your needs.

Irrigation System Repair

Some irrigation systems are easily fixed, but the correct fix must be identified in order for the repair to have maximum impact.  The most important component of maintaining an irrigation system is conducting regular inspections while the system is operating.  Common problems we come across include clogged sprinklers, leaking sprinklers, over-spray onto sidewalks, streets, or buildings; design problems, and missing nozzles.  Our trained, experienced professionals are able to handle any and all issues you may be experiencing in order to ensure your system is working properly.

Cochran Landscape – Irrigation System Installation, Design and Repair