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Landscaping Seneca, SC Residents Can Rely On

Seneca has some of the most beautiful landscape in the Upstate.  As professional landscapers we love the natural beauty in the area, and we love landscaping Seneca properties.  for any type of landscaping Seneca residents can rely on Cochran to do a great job and remain affordable.  We have you covered.

If you are looking for a landscape redesign or new landscaping we can help you there too.  Founder Todd Cochran graduated from Clemson University with a degree in Horticulture.  The education he received at Clemson helps him analyze your project holistically, creating a landscape design that is functional, beautiful, and that fits with the local environment.  Cochran Landscape Management: Landscaping Seneca

Landscape Design for Seneca, SC

At Cochran we design unique, yet functional landscape designs for all types of properties in the area.  A combination of experience, and education enables us to create designs that incorporate all aspects of the landscaping process.

When landscaping Seneca homes and businesses we take into account the environment, the soil, wildlife, historical context, your budget and your vision.  We hope you call us to discuss your landscaping needs.


Providing a Variety of Water Features 

As local residents or the surrounding area you probably have experienced the beauty and relaxation of Lake Keowee.  What about having your own water feature in your yard or just outside your business?  We’ve been landscaping area homes for over a decade, and water features have always been a popular item.

Water features are an excellent way to create a relaxing atmosphere.  Whether you want a small Koi pond water feature, a classical sculpture, or a natural looking waterfall we can work with you.  We can do the design, installation, and any care and maintenance to make sure your vision comes true.


Ponds and Waterfalls to Make Your Property Stand Out

We have been landscaping Seneca properties for a long time.  A pond or waterfall in your yard or at your business can really set the tone!  Ponds and waterfalls naturally give people a sense of relaxation.  By installing a pond or waterfall on your property you increase the chance of attracting the local Seneca wildlife, which can be a beautiful thing.  We can explain to you lots of options to fit your needs and your design visions, just give us a call.

Outdoor Lighting for Your Property

On those beautiful Upstate summer nights don’t be forced inside just because it got a little too dark outside.  We can install low voltage lighting options on your patio, decks, or other landscape features so you can stay outside as late as you want.  If leisure isn’t your main concern outdoor lighting for your Seneca area property can increase the security of your home by deterring trespassers.  It can also make walkways that are hard to manage in the dark safer by providing a guiding light.  Whatever your reason for wanting outdoor lighting, we can make it happen!

Landscape Lighting

Installing a lighting system on your landscape has a number of benefits, all of which we try to include in our designs.  Whatever your reason for installing landscape lighting, we’ll make sure your home, or maybe business, is looking it’s best and everyone can see it!  Let us create for you the landscaping Seneca residents can be proud of!

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