Lawn Maintenance & Lawn Care

From residential properties to large commercial buildings and manufacturing plant, we provide landscape maintenance for all types of facilities both large and small. Cochran Landscape Management, Inc. has a maintenance landscape program that is sure to fit your needs and budget. We offer a variety of weekly lawn maintenance services to bi-monthly programs including the following:

  • Mowing   -Let Cochran keep your property looking great with weekly or bi-monthly Lawn mowing.
  • Edging   -By creating nice clean edges, your curb appeal improves ten fold!
  • Pruning   -Regular pruning of your shrubs and trees keeps your property looking it’s best!
  • Bed weeding  -Let us take over this critical element of your lawn care.  Be weed free with Cochran!
  • Leaf removal  -Forget this back breaking work.  Let us handle removing your leaves
  • Fertilization of turf grass  -Get the thick green grass you’ve always wanted with Cochran Turf care.
  • Ornamental trees and shrubs  -Our team can keep your ornamental trees and shrubs healthy, maintained and looking great.

Organic Lawn Care with Cochran Landscape

Our custom Turf care program consists of 7-8 applications over a year period.  Throughout the year we will apply both dry and chemical product to maximize your results and create optimum growth.  To create this we will use: quick release fertilizer, pre and post emergent weed killer, herbicides, slow release fertilizer, and root fertilizers.  The chemicals that are used are people and pet friendly!

Commercial Lawn Service – Keep your Property looking and functioning great!

First impressions are critical in today’s competitive marketplace.  With our help you’ll show your customers and employees healthy, attractive flowers, shrubs and green grass.  Proper fertilization, weed control and maintenance are the key to having healthy, attractive green grass and landscape.  Part of our service to you is to create a customized application plan based on the needs of your property and your wishes.  Here at Cochran Landscape, our staff is required to continue our landscape education to keep up on the latest technology and processes to make your project more efficient, cost effective and successful.  Call our office today and one of our commercial lawn care experts will be happy to help!