Lawn Maintenance Seneca | Professional Lawn Care for Historic Seneca

Lawn Maintenance Seneca

Taking care of your lawn and landscape is a year round job.  Sometimes it can become a little too much (we all know how many leaves there are on the ground in the fall!).  We aim to provide the the quality lawn maintenance Seneca property owners can rely on from start to finish, and beyond.

Cochran Landscape Management, Inc provides the lawn maintenance Seneca homes and business can rely on year round.  We make it easy and affordable to maintain your property’s lawn by being easy to work with, and coming up with creative solutions to remain affordable! Lawn Maintenance Seneca

We have a list of services we offer below. In addition to those services we want to be clear that a big part of our service is offering “value”. That means making sure we don’t just mow your lawn perfectly, but also that we provide you with great service. We’ll let you know if something changes on your landscape and what we should do about it. We’ll show up on time to the absolute best of our ability, making sure you have a consistent experience with us.

Lawn Service Seneca, SC

Most of the lawn services we provide in Seneca are listed below. If you have a need that isn’t specifically on the list chances are we can still help you. Give us a call and describe your job to one of our friendly professionals.

We offer customized lawn service schedules for your property. That means that we’ll analyze your property, then design a maintenance schedule for the rest of the year based on your vegetation and service needs. We strive to be the best for the types of lawn maintenance Seneca properties require. For a great lawn services resource visit this web page by Scott’s, the maker of Miracle Gro.

Weeding bedded areas

Mowing lawn


Pruning of vegetation

Leaf Removal


Maintaining decorative trees and bushes

If you would like to see a full list of the services that we provide Seneca, SC click here.