Liberty Customer Buys New Paver Patio

Cochran Landscape is known for providing beautiful and functional paver patios for Liberty residents. One of our recent customers in Liberty was a postal service worker. The postal service worker contacted Cochran Landscape for the best patio paver Liberty had to offer. The postman told us that he is known for his big annual Fourth of July barbecues. He has one every year, and nearly all of his neighbors and coworkers come to his Fourth of July barbecue because it’s so much fun. The only problem that the postal service worker was having was that his backyard was getting destroyed. We told him what he already knew, that if he had a paver patio his guests could enjoy the barbecue safely and comfortably without making a mess of his yard.

The Cochran Landscape team arrived at the home and took down the measurements that the postal worker wanted for his paver patio, then we suggested adding a color to the pavers for that added personal touch. We scheduled the installation for Wednesday. The team arrived and by the end of the day the paver patio was in place and ready for the big Fourth of July event.

We heard from the customer on July 8th, a few days after his barbecue. The customer let us know that he was lucky to have done business with Cochran Landscaping, and his guests loved the new paver patio. He is very happy with the outcome of his event, but even happier with a new paver patio Liberty and the surrounding area of his neighbors could enjoy.