Simpsonville Retaining Wall Installed in Backyard

We had a call from a customer, Megan Karpe, from Simpsonville, South Carolina. Megan was looking to extend the usable space in her patio by building a retaining wall.  The problem that she was experiencing was that she felt crammed on her current patio, and her backyard needed a warmer feel. The backyard goes downhill, which makes it difficult to use.  She was able to find out about Cochran Landscaping after we sent out a direct mail piece. She contacted us and we came out and made a plan to install a retaining wall, so the ground could be level near the concrete by the patio. This is a great solution because the drop-off creates more visual appeal. Megan said we did an awesome job and really solved her problem while creating a functional outdoor space. Check out the photos below to see our work!

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Simpsonville Retaining Wall Simpsonville Retaining Wall Simpsonville Retaining Wall