The Cochran Team are the SC Landscape Specialists for Commercial Work

Cochran Landscape was contacted recently by a company in South Carolina. The company wanted the landscaping around their building improved, so it looked beautiful and attractive for their clients and customers. They called us for our quality SC landscape design and landscaping services. The Cochran Landscape team met with the company owners to walk through their current landscaping and get an idea on what they were wanting done with their landscaping.

The owners tasked us with grooming some trees and foliage on a section of their corporate campus and to make sure all the current plants, flowers, and trees were healthy. The Cochran Landscaping crew arrived the following morning and started examining all the plants, flowers, and trees. We determined that they were all in good shape and were all healthy, then the crew started grooming the trees and the overgrown foliage that was on the property. The crew was able to get all the landscaping done at the end of the week, then cleaned up all the limbs, leaves, and debris. We left a message for the owners as we didn’t want to interrupt their business to let them know that we had finished the project. Once everyone saw the amazing landscaping that Cochran Landscape had provided they were very proud of a job well done. The owners were ecstatic that they had called the best landscape company in SC, Cochran Landscape, because they said our crew went above and beyond what they were expecting and now the corporate campus and grounds looks amazing, and very attractive.