Unruly Kids Reigned In With Retaining Wall in Liberty

The parents of a family of four had gotten complaints from their neighbors about their children playing in the yards. The parents agreed that it was their responsibility to make sure their children stayed out of their neighbor’s landscaping and decided to call Cochran Landscape for a Liberty retaining wall. They figured it would be an attractive way to enhance their property while clearly showing their kids where they were allowed to play, and they were right.

The professional landscape designer with Cochran Landscape arrived at the Liberty home to meet the parents and to see their outdoor space. The parents showed the designer where they wanted to have the retaining wall, and the designer let them know that we use a variety of textures and shapes to create a unique retaining wall that would enhance their landscaping. It would also keep their children on their own property. The parents selected the stones for the wall and our crew returned on Monday morning to install the retaining wall. Before the week’s end the retaining wall was installed and was exactly what the customers was wanting and needing. The customers said that it looked beautiful. They showed their children where they could play and with the wall up they couldn’t go past that point. The parents believe this was the best way to keep their kids in their own yard while providing curb appeal to their home. The couple said that they were very happy with Cochran Landscape’s service and they have the best retaining wall Liberty neighbors would appreciate.