Retaining Walls

A retaining wall can solve many landscaping challenges, maximize yard area and help improve your residential property values

While hills and slopes make beautiful landscape designs, they can be a headache. A retaining wall can solve this problem, protecting landscaping and improving your residential property values. Homeowners may think they can DIY their retaining wall installation, but professional hardscaping contractors will create a wall that will last for years.

South Carolina homeowners looking for quality hardscaping can trust Cochran Landscape Management, Greenville’s most experienced hardscaping contractor, to install a retaining wall that will protect your property and compliment your outdoor design.

The Cochran Landscape Management Guide to Retaining Walls

  • Why Get a Retaining Wall

    A retaining wall is designed to stabilize soil and sculpt steep grades on your landscape, creating raised planting beds, garden partitions, and terraces. If you have a steeply sloped yard, you can create a flat outdoor space with a retaining wall.

  • Quality Materials for Retaining Walls

    To remain stable and also provide beauty, you can trust the construction skills of the most experienced hardscaping company in your area, but the look of your retaining wall is up to you. Choose from materials such as concrete blocks, faux stones, natural stone, concrete, or timbers for your new retaining wall.

Cochran Landscape Management: Your Choice for Retaining Walls in South Carolina

With decades experience in landscaping and hardscaping, Cochran Landscape Management has the skills to design and install hardscapes that will transform your outdoor space and improve your residential property values.

Curious about adding a retaining wall, patio, fire pit, or water feature to your yard? Contact Cochran Landscape Management!