Water Fountain Installed in Greenville Yard

My wife and I had just purchased a home in Greenville, and we wanted to add a water fountain to our front landscaping. Since we are new to the Greenville area, we used our smart phone to do a search to find a landscaping service provider. The results showed Cochran Landscaping on the top of the search results, so we went over their website and gave them a call. We met with them to see what types of water fountains they offered, and to see what the cost would be to have one installed. The salesman gave us a variety of options, which included stone, marble, and even granite. We were surprised that the price for installation and the water fountain was affordable, so we scheduled the installation. The Cochran Landscaping installers arrived promptly on time on the day that we set up. The installers prepped the area where the fountain was to be installed, then within no time at all the water fountain was being put into the spot that we selected. The crew had to return the following day to get the water hooked up properly, but by mid-morning the water fountain was installed. My wife and I anxiously awaited to see how the water fountain would look and sound, and it was wonderful. I am very pleased with the water fountain, crew, and the price. I will definitely be telling everyone who provided the water fountain, and what a wonderful job they did.

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