We Help Homeowner with Our Salem Landscaping Company services

Recently Cochran Landscape was contacted by a homeowner in Salem. The new homeowner had gotten rid of a shed that was on the property and he replaced the space with fresh grass. He thought it looked plain, though, so he called us for our services as a trusted Salem landscaping company. The Cochran Landscape designer met with the homeowner and we went through some options that would spruce up the area. The homeowner let us know that he was on a budget and could he do this with the budget he was working with. We let him know that we would make sure not to go over his budget and provide him with the best landscaping that he would be proud of.

The landscaping crew arrived at the customer’s home and started adding plants in the surrounding area, which were very eye catching and easy to maintain for the customer. Just by adding the plants the plain space was spruced up and looking great. The customer returned home just as the crew was getting ready to leave and when he seen the landscaping he was left speechless. The customer said he it was exactly what his landscaping needed. The customer said that Cochran Landscape is the only landscaping company Salem homeowners can trust to do the best landscaping, because we understand a budget and can amazing landscaping without going over the budget. The customer thanked us repeatedly and plans on calling Cochran Landscape in the future to add landscape lighting.