Best Landscape Designer in Piedmont – Excellent Work with Blank Canvas

Not too long ago, Cochran Landscape received a call from a Piedmont engineer who had a very poor backyard space that was mostly gravel and sand. He called Cochran Landscape for the best landscape designer Piedmont could offer because he didn’t want the fuss of doing it himself, but wanted a beautiful backyard to enjoy. He wanted to have a picturesque backyard so he could sit in the yard on nice days and listen to his favorite music, and every once in a while he would like to have friends over for a barbecue or something. With the backyard in the shape it was in, he knew he would need help from the most qualified landscape designer Piedmont homeowners trusted.

Cochran Landscape met with the customer and went through some ideas while walking through his backyard. The landscape designers went over some of the latest landscaping designs that would turn his backyard into a relaxing oasis that he could truly enjoy. The customer agreed with our ideas and we scheduled the landscaping to begin on Monday morning. Our landscaping team arrived at the residence and immediately went to work covering up the ugly sand and gravel with beautiful grass that would be easy to maintain, then we added plants and flowers to finish the yard off perfectly. When the customer returned home that afternoon he couldn’t get over the transformation. Not only was the customer happy, but he was captivated with the landscaping design that Cochran Landscaping provided for his home.