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When you need a landscaper in Piedmont, call Cochran!  We appreciate and value the artistic character of this town, and we consider our landscaping projects to be true visionary works of art.  We know you value the appearance of your home, including the outdoor space.

This is why we are the best landscaping company that residents and business owners work with.  We pride ourselves on our high quality work and history of customer satisfaction in every aspect of our services.  Those services include landscape lighting, irrigation system design, management, and repair.  Call to schedule an appointment with the best landscaper in town!

Landscape Contractor Services

We offer a variety of hardscape and landscaping design services:

  • Pond Waterfalls
  • Outdoor Lighting
  • Water Features
  • Outdoor Fountains
  • Irrigation Systems
  • Retaining Walls
  • Landscape Lighting
  • Paver Patios

Piedmont, South Carolina

Nested right along the Saluda River in Anderson and Greenville counties, Piedmont, South Carolina provides a welcoming, small town atmosphere.  With a population of 5,103 and a total area of 8.8 square miles, it is a small community.

The town’s major industrial company is Piedmont Manufacturing Company.  It was organized in 1873 and began operation in 1876. This textile mill was one of the first large-scale cotton manufacturers in upstate South Carolina and endured long through the Reconstruction period.Western Carolina Sailing Club

this city has a very interesting history dating back to the American Revolution. The town was the setting for much of The Birth of a Nation, one of the most well-known, controversial films working to represent American history.

You won’t be disappointed when visiting.  It is the county’s Art Centers that cater to art fanatics.  Meanwhile the Anderson Area YMCA, Tri-County Soccer Club, and the Western Carolina Sailing Club provide tons of fun for the active outdoor and sports enthusiasts.  With affordable housing and a median income of $36,310, Piedmont offers comfortable living for those looking to settle down.

Our Most Recent Work

If you want the last info on our work installation irrigation systems in Piedmont, visit this page often.

Piedmont Outdoor Lighting Installed for Gardener

Recently, Cochran Landscape was contacted by an avid gardener in Piedmont. The avid gardener  wanted to be able to watch some of the activity outside by her beloved garden at night. She called us to have some quotes given on outdoor lighting in Piedmont, and we were able to suggest some beautiful fixtures that would complement her hard work and dedication.

We met with the lady at her Piedmont home. She was thrilled to show us her garden. She showed us each plant and flower she had planted and we could tell immediately that she had really loved and enjoyed working in her garden. We showed the homeowner different outdoor lighting options, which included LED, low voltage, solar panel, and even spotlights that would showcase her garden. Our designers showed her how we could situate the lighting, so that they would feature some of her favorite plants, then we suggested adding a water fountain fixture that would look amazing in her garden area. The homeowner was delighted with our suggestions, then selected her lighting and a small water fountain fixture, then our professional installers returned Monday morning to install everything for the homeowner. Monday afternoon everything was done for the customer and when nightfall came she was in awe at the beauty and serene peacefulness that she was experiencing with our services. She called us the following morning to let us know that she is very happy that she called Cochran Landscape, because we provided her with beautiful outdoor lighting Piedmont gardeners would truly love.

Quality Time for Married Couple Benefits from Landscaping in Piedmont

Cochran Landscape received a call from a homeowner in Piedmont. The homeowner is a Piedmont notary that spent long hours away from his home and wife. When he would get home the couple would like to share a glass of wine together, but they wanted to do this outside in their yard. The wife wanted a backyard swinging chair, but the husband didn’t want to purchase one of those metal swings that always rust. This led him to call Cochran Landscape to have Piedmont landscaping services performed so that space for the chair would be available.

The Cochran Landscape team arrived at the home and looked over the space that the couple was wanting the backyard swinging chair to be located. One of the big Oak trees in the backyard would be a perfect location, but the tree would need a bit of pruning and trimming. Our customer’s wife decided she would like to have some plants added around the base of the tree. The Cochran Landscape team gave the couple an estimate and the couple was thrilled with it. Our crew was scheduled to start the landscaping Monday morning. Within a few days the tree was trimmed and pruned and the plants were added. Our crew hung the backyard swinging chair for the couple. When the husband returned home from a hectic busy day he was greeted by his wife holding a glass of wine and they went to enjoy their new chair. The landscaping was done excellently and the couple are happy with their new backyard space.

Best Landscape Designer in Piedmont – Excellent Work with Blank Canvas

Not too long ago, Cochran Landscape received a call from a Piedmont engineer who had a very poor backyard space that was mostly gravel and sand. He called Cochran Landscape for the best landscape designer Piedmont could offer because he didn’t want the fuss of doing it himself, but wanted a beautiful backyard to enjoy. He wanted to have a picturesque backyard so he could sit in the yard on nice days and listen to his favorite music, and every once in a while he would like to have friends over for a barbecue or something. With the backyard in the shape it was in, he knew he would need help from the most qualified landscape designer Piedmont homeowners trusted.

Cochran Landscape met with the customer and went through some ideas while walking through his backyard. The landscape designers went over some of the latest landscaping designs that would turn his backyard into a relaxing oasis that he could truly enjoy. The customer agreed with our ideas and we scheduled the landscaping to begin on Monday morning. Our landscaping team arrived at the residence and immediately went to work covering up the ugly sand and gravel with beautiful grass that would be easy to maintain, then we added plants and flowers to finish the yard off perfectly. When the customer returned home that afternoon he couldn’t get over the transformation. Not only was the customer happy, but he was captivated with the landscaping design that Cochran Landscaping provided for his home.

Piedmont Water Feature Bathes Birds and More

Cochran Landscape received a call from a woman asking about what kind of water features Piedmont and the surrounding area might offer. She recently realized she was faced with an empty nest after her twin children left home to attend college. Now that the woman had the house all to herself she was interested in having a birdbath style fountain in her backyard. She had always dreamed of having a birdbath so she could sit on the patio and watch the birds bathe and play in the fountain.

The woman contacted Cochrane Landscape, because she heard that we had a variety of water features to choose from. We informed the mother of two that we did indeed have birdbath style fountains, and we scheduled a no-obligation consultation with the woman, so we could look over her yard, and show her our gallery of fountains. We arrived at the her home, and she showed us where she would like the water feature. We showed her the water features Piedmont residents were using in their backyards, and what would look the best in her yard. We had many different variety of fountains for her to select from and it didn’t take her long to find one that she really liked.

The Cochrane Landscaping crew arrived a week later to install the water feature for the woman. Our crew makes sure the water feature is stable, secure, and beautiful before we leave the property. When the fountain was successfully installed the woman came out and she actually had tears in her eyes. The woman said that birdbath fountain was absolutely beautiful. She was so happy to finally haver her very own birdbath water feature.