Koi are at Home with Pond Waterfall Liberty Loves!

Recently, a woman in Liberty contacted Cochran Landscape to see if we could help her out with a pond in her yard. The woman explained that she kept a small koi tank for her fish, but the fish are getting too large for the tank, and she needed something bigger. She started thinking about purchasing a larger tank, but a larger tank would only solve her problem temporarily because the fish will only keep growing. She contacted Cochran Landscape to see if we could possibly install a pond with a pond waterfall Liberty homeowners would be wowed by. The woman had to have a professional pond installed, and she figured that if the pond had a waterfall in it, then her neighbors would approve of the pond and she would never have to worry about getting rid of her beloved fish.

Cochran Landscape let the woman know that we could indeed install a pond with a pond waterfall for her, and not only would her neighbors love the pond and pond waterfall, but they would be envious of her too. Cochran Landscape met at the home, and she showed us where she wanted the pond, and the size that she wanted as well. We went over different options, and when all the details were decided upon we scheduled the installation. It only took Cochran Landscape a few days to have the pond installed, and once it was finished the lady was highly impressed. She said that Cochran Landscape did a great job!