Piedmont Water Feature Bathes Birds and More

Cochran Landscape received a call from a woman asking about what kind of water features Piedmont and the surrounding area might offer. She recently realized she was faced with an empty nest after her twin children left home to attend college. Now that the woman had the house all to herself she was interested in having a birdbath style fountain in her backyard. She had always dreamed of having a birdbath so she could sit on the patio and watch the birds bathe and play in the fountain.

The woman contacted Cochrane Landscape, because she heard that we had a variety of water features to choose from. We informed the mother of two that we did indeed have birdbath style fountains, and we scheduled a no-obligation consultation with the woman, so we could look over her yard, and show her our gallery of fountains. We arrived at the her home, and she showed us where she would like the water feature. We showed her the water features Piedmont residents were using in their backyards, and what would look the best in her yard. We had many different variety of fountains for her to select from and it didn’t take her long to find one that she really liked.

The Cochrane Landscaping crew arrived a week later to install the water feature for the woman. Our crew makes sure the water feature is stable, secure, and beautiful before we leave the property. When the fountain was successfully installed the woman came out and she actually had tears in her eyes. The woman said that birdbath fountain was absolutely beautiful. She was so happy to finally haver her very own birdbath water feature.