Simpsonville Water Fountain Adds Beauty With Soothing Appeal

I was looking to have a water fountain installed outside our home. I had always wanted one, but didn’t think I could ever afford one. I got on the internet and started doing a search and I came across two landscaping companies in Simpsonville. I called the first company I saw, and they gave me no options in water fountains, but only what they carried in stock. Not to mention the price was so high, that I knew I couldn’t afford it. I called the second company I randomly chose, even thought I thought they would probably be too high, as well. The second company was Cochran Landscaping. I called for an estimate anyway. The designer and the installer came together and showed me different water fountains in different materials. The price varied, but there were several options that I could possibly afford. Then I showed them where I would like the fountain, and the installer gave me a price with the fountain of my choice. I couldn’t believe that it was within my price range, so I scheduled them to do the installation.

Two weeks later the team arrived at 8:30 a.m., as scheduled. I let them know that I had to go to work, but my son would be available. I returned home at five, and I was surprised that the installation was complete. It was beautiful, soothing, and exactly what I wanted! I highly recommend this company.

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