The Cochran Team are the SC Landscape Specialists for Commercial Work

Cochran Landscape was contacted recently by a company in South Carolina. The company wanted the landscaping around their building improved, so it looked beautiful and attractive for their clients and customers. They called us for our quality SC landscape design and landscaping services. The Cochran Landscape team met with the company owners to walk through their current landscaping and get an idea on what they were wanting done with their landscaping.

The owners tasked us with grooming some trees and foliage on a section of their corporate campus and to make sure all the current plants, flowers, and trees were healthy. The Cochran Landscaping crew arrived the following morning and started examining all the plants, flowers, and trees. We determined that they were all in good shape and were all healthy, then the crew started grooming the trees and the overgrown foliage that was on the property. The crew was able to get all the landscaping done at the end of the week, then cleaned up all the limbs, leaves, and debris. We left a message for the owners as we didn’t want to interrupt their business to let them know that we had finished the project. Once everyone saw the amazing landscaping that Cochran Landscape had provided they were very proud of a job well done. The owners were ecstatic that they had called the best landscape company in SC, Cochran Landscape, because they said our crew went above and beyond what they were expecting and now the corporate campus and grounds looks amazing, and very attractive.

Gardener Seeks Best Retaining Wall Design SC Offers

A gardener was setting up some new planters. The gardener had been wanting to build out new structures for an intricate yard, so he started calling several companies to inquire about their services, but with Cochran Landscaping after we interpreted his goals into a great SC retaining wall design. The Cochran Landscaping designers went over several designs and ideas with the customer, so we could take his idea and turn it into something spectacular. The customer was impressed with the retaining walls that we showed him and decided to go with that.

The Cochran Landscaping team went to work on the retaining wall using the materials that the customer had requested. The team worked until the retaining wall was constructed. The customer immediately fell in love with the way the yard turned out and then asked the team about outdoor lighting, so he could showcase his plants and his new retaining wall. The Cochran Landscaping team let the homeowner know that would be no problem at all and it would definitely add a special curb appeal to his yard. The team installed LED outdoor lighting for the homeowner and had the project completed the following day. We were glad to do the project for the gardener and to deliver on an excellent retaining wall SC gardeners could respect. The homeowner is overjoyed with the work that the Cochran Landscaping team had provided for him and now the homeowner said that his yard is outstanding.

Outdoor Lighting in SC Provides Evening Enjoyment

A waiter and newlywed had started working nights again after many days and brunch shifts. In order for him to spend quality time with his new wife (and they were both outdoor enthusiasts) he asked his neighbor which company offered the highest quality craftsmanship and deals on outdoor lighting SC had to offer. His neighbor recommended Cochran Landscape, because Cochran Landscape had provided excellent outdoor lighting at his home. The waiter contacted us to see if we could do the same for his home.

Cochran Landscape lighting professionals met with the couple at their home and they showed us where they wanted to have lighting installed. The couple wanted outdoor lighting around their patio and deck, then along the walkway to their front door. Since the husband had started working nights he wanted to make sure the home was lit up enough that he could spend time outside after he was done with a shift. The couple selected their lighting choices, and our team was scheduled for the installation two days later. The team arrived promptly as scheduled, and the installation was started. Within a few hours the team had the outdoor lighting SC homeowners could enjoy. The husband hurried home after his shift, so he could see how the lights looked at night. As he hit his street he could see the walkway was perfectly lit up, and he was happy that he contacted Cochran Landscape as his outdoor lighting specialists. The couple are spending time together each night thanks to Cochran Landscape.

Our Company is the SC Landscaper of Choice for this Family!

A very large family had just installed a paver patio and purchased a porch awning for their backyard, and every member of the family was in sort of a frenzy to have an outdoor living space set up. The family loved spending as much time as they could outdoors. The children liked to sit outdoors to do their homework and do crafts, and the mom and dad like to do all their cooking on the grill in the summer months so they didn’t heat up their home. In the evenings, the family would like to sit in the yard and just spend family time together discussing their daily activities. Now that the family had their paver patio installed and had purchased their awning, they thought they had everything finished they realized their backyard wasn’t quite as picturesque as it could be. To make their backyard more beautiful, they decided to call the best landscaper SC had in the area, and that is Cochran Landscape.

The Cochran Landscape designers met with the family, and provided several solutions to make their backyard lush and beautiful. Once the designers had all the suggestions from the family, we came back two days later to install beautiful flowers and plants. The backyard is exactly what the family was wanting. Now they are able to have quality time together spent in a lush backdrop in their very own backyard on their new patio and outdoor space. All of the family members look forward to the evenings, so they can spend time in their new and wonderful backyard.

Family Time thanks to the best SC Landscaping Company

A customer in the suburbs contacted Cochran Landscape a few weeks ago. The customer was a father who needed the best landscaping company SC could offer who could also help him set up a small fire pit with some foliage around the fire pit. The customer had three small children, and he could remember when he was young that his family would gather around a fire in the evenings and tell stories, roast marshmallows and hot dogs, and just have good family time. The dad wanted to offer this to his children too, but he didn’t live out in the country like his family did. Living in the suburbs means you have to have a fire pit, and since the customer wasn’t very handy he wanted to hire a landscaping company for his fire pits and landscaping, which is why he contacted Cochran Landscape.

Cochran Landscape met with the customer and the customer showed us where he would like his fire pit to be located at, then the foliage that he wanted around the fire pit was something that was easy for us to maintain. We took down the measurements, then the following day we started installing the fire pit to meet his request. By late afternoon the project was complete, and the dad came out, and was highly impressed at the finished fire pit area. The dad said that he was going to use the fire pit often with his children, because it created memories that would last them a lifetime.

New Sales Vehicle!

Have you seen our new sales vehicle out on the road? Check out the new look in the photo below! If you need landscaping, irrigation or lawn maintenance, you can trust the professionals at Cochran Landscape Management for great results. Call us today for an estimate! (864) 859-4004

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